Frequently Asked Questions

A NextGen Pastor is a person who oversees all ministry from babies through High School. This is the person who leads staff, budget, and programs for everything under adult ministries. If NextGen Pastor isn’t your official title, that’s okay. We have youth pastors who also oversee the children’s ministry or discipleship pastors who oversee kids and teenagers. It’s more about the function than the title.
Nope. NEXT is an invite-only, limited event. There just isn’t enough room, and we hope to have as many different churches represented as possible. We also try to create a safe environment where NextGen leaders can talk openly about their experiences, something that’s harder to do when they have fellow staff with them.
Accommodations are on your own. We will provide a few hotel options with a special room block price, and some NEXT participants connect and share rooms. After you register, you’ll be added to a NEXT Facebook group where you can reach out to others. Dinner will be provided on Monday (January 31), and lunch will be provided on Tuesday (February 1). Dinner on Tuesday (February 1) is on your own, but you are encouraged to utilize dinner for further ministry conversations. Breakfast is included on Wednesday (February 2).
NEXT begins with dinner at 5:30 PM on Monday, January 31, at the venue. If you’ve been to Atlanta, you’ve noticed that there’s a little bit of traffic. If you’re arriving by flight, plan to land no later than 2-3 PM, and you’ll make it in time. Earlier is better!
NEXT will end just before lunch on Wednesday, February 2. If you’re catching a flight out of town, book any flight after 3-4 PM, and you should make it in time. Later is better!

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